The Garcia-Marchesi Technique:  Embraced by the World’s Greatest Singers.

Robert pulls from the traditional Italian Garcia-Marchesi method - of which he is a Master Teacher - first made famous by the great singers at La Scala in Milan in the 19th century.  This time-tested technique combines the Bel Canto breath strengthening exercises developed by Mathilde Marchesi (1821-1913) with Manuel Garcia’s (1805-1906) pioneering voice physiology principles. The Garcia-Marchesi aproach produces a free voice that embodies an enormous range both dynamic and tonal, the essential key to singing any style without damaging the voice.  To this, Robert adds his own unique combination of breathing/yoga with vocal excercises to achieve a vocal performance at a higher level.

Robert ensures that you put your best “voice” forward, with the training, audition, recording session, and performance preparation needed to perform optimally in any venue, live or recorded.  And he’s a natural connector:  Robert has presented up and coming recording artists and actors to key industry players, helping launch several successful careers.

Fusing his own methodology with elements from the Garcia-Marchesi school, Robert creates fun, enlightening learning environments where students master vocal technique and encounter transcendental “voice-as-instrument” experiences. Whether a professional vocalist or enthusiastic newcomer, Robert tailors instruction to the individual so anyone can learn to sing!