Private lessons with Robert  focus on your individual goals.  The sessions personally tailor the technique to your specific needs to enable you to achieve the singing voice you're seeking. Sessions typically include a series of vocal workout exercises to train the vocal apparatus and then focuses on the song material of your choosing. The lessons take place in a top-notch recording studio where you'll be provided a recording of the lesson to practice with.  Included with private study is the weekly vocal workout class and monthly performance opportunities.

The Vocal Workout  is a weekly group class which has 4 phases.  The first is a vigorous vocal class where Garcia-Marchesi exercises are sung together in the group to train and strengthen the voice.  Phase two is a performance workout that warms the voice getting it ready for the show! This phase is then continued at a local karaoke venue to perform with the voice in peak condition. Phase three is a harmony class where we work on choral arrangements to tune the ear and the final phase is a performance class were students sing a song for the class.  The Monthly price is $100, drop in rate is $40 per class.